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Ionic 4  – Globalization & Localization

Ionic 4 – Globalization & Localization

  • July 18, 2019
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Multi-language translation, OR internationalization-localization is a growing need for every app that wants to target international customers. Till date, majority of apps have been developed in English, no surprise ! In this blog post we will learn how to implement translation, or technically???Internationalization + Localization in Ionic 4 apps.

First we need to understand the steps involved in the process. Translations, thanks to Google, look very easy, but they are a bit involved in case of apps and websites, in our case Ionic 4 apps. There are 3 major steps in the translation process in...

What’s New in Java 10??

What’s New in Java 10??

  • September 27, 2018
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What’s New in Java 10?

Oracle seems to be respecting the schedule this time and java 10 will be publicly released!
In this article, will explore 10 features coming to this new update for java.

1. JEP 286: Local Variable Type Inference

Something that is new in Java 10 and perhaps the most interesting feature, at least...

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