Ugur Ayan, Ph.D.


Yes. There are lots? of titles that we can have in life.? I worked more than 15 years in different universities and countries and have been working more than 20 years as a developer as well. If you don’t like programming you can not do this job. In addition, I love travelling and visited all most 50 countries all over the world. All countries have different cultures and different history. I really like meeting people from different countries.

I got M.S. degree on “Multipath querying of hierarchically tree structured document databases” and Ph.D. degree on “Model based learning algorithms based on physiological processes” subjects which is based on application of machine learning/pattern classification algorithms on protein sequences, protein databases, illness data, spatio-tempoal data, drug design, etc. I also worked very different research projects and real life projects on research centers such as computer vision and object tracking based “Multi purpose Moving Robot Camera and Pedestal Production Project“, “Multi-Cooperation Autonomous UAVs Research Project“, “Stress Measurement and Lie Detection using Thermal Imaging and Machine Learning Approaches” in University of Houston , “Protein Function Prediction by Machine Learning and Signal Processing Techniques“, “Machine Learning based Recommendation System”, “Spatio-temporal Pattern Classification/Clustering/Matching Project” on 1 PB daily data and …..

I am actually working as a Principal Engineer, AI. I started with DRools based Rule Engine/Rule Management System and leads different projects such as WSO2 Stream Processor projects, Java Spring Boot projects such as EventManager, GeoFencing, AdHocReporting, Apache Kafka Server based Messaging Systems, EDI Processing, Data ETL processes/ migration/ pre and post data processing between RDBMS and NoSQL or Cloud Data such as Oracle, MySQL, Cloud SQL, MongoDB and etc.,? CAS Server, Jasper Reporting Server management and visualization, angular/react based UX projects, dashboards, Big Query, Kubernates, Google Cloud projects.

I love playing table tennis and playing/watching soccer. I also deal with the robotics like VEX IQ and like robotics competitions. I love programming as well…